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Crank Call Amusement

Some days you get a crank call that's really worth it. A friend of mine got one such today, and I came back over lunch to see this in my scrollback...

[Wizards] Max says, "So I'm going down for a cigarette before a meeting at work and my cell phone rings. I sorta recognize the number, so I answer. This guy is on the other end. Says his name is George Abernathy and he's going into this insurance salesman spiel. I ask him how he got the number and he tells me my mother gave it to him. And continues on trying to sell me 'tire insurance'. I tell him I'm in a meeting but will call him back since I have his number on my cell phone. And I make a mental note to kill my mother."

[Wizards] Max says, "2 minutes later, I get another call. Same number. I answer and it's my mother this time. Turns out 'George Abernathy' was...BRUCE CAMPBELL!"

[Wizards] Max says, "He was doing a book signing in Philly and my mother got him to make a crank call for her."

[Wizards] Kay says, "Bad mom! :)"

[Wizards] * Melissa rolls!

[Wizards] Max says, "BAD?! Are you kidding?! That was fricking awesome! Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite actors of all time!"

[Wizards] * Melissa says, "Bruce Campbell rocks my world, that kicks so much ass. :)"

[Wizards] Max she even handed the phone back to him for a second and I got to say 'hi' without thinking he was a salesman.

[Wizards] Kay says, "I meant bad that she tricked you.. you practically kicked the guy :)"

[Wizards] Max says, "He got a kick out of it."

[Wizards] Max is all a-flutter now.
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