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FF Sparks (Casual)


Lord of Snow and Shadows, the book I loved so much, is available for purchase in Adobe eBook format on Amazon.com... nifty. There's actually a lot of inexpensive eBooks there in the SF/Fantasy section, and they're instant-gratification since you can download them. If I just had a nice reader to curl up with, I'd be ecstatic! My laptop is not the best hold-like-a-book thing, so I think I stay with the nice physical feel of paper. :)

Anyway, on stephdray's request, I've actually put together a (rather meager) Amazon wishlist, so that's there for anyone who cares. :)



I'm just curious, if someone buys you a book on your wishlist and another person buys you the same book. Does that mean you end up with two books? ^.~ Or will the wish list indicate that someone has already bought you that book?

Re: Hmm...

When I view the wishlist, it won't show what's been taken off until after the projected date of the package arriving. If someone else views the wishlist, they'll see when something's already been bought.