Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

WAAAUGH! *sound of book striking wall*

Ah. Now there's an impulse I've not had since Storm of Swords... the sudden, driving urge to embed a book in a wall.

I sat down to keep reading Lord of Snow and Shadows, and it's been very good. Intense politics, backstabbing and betrayals... and now we've reached a point where you know it's a good book. Where you see what's coming and go "No... oh, no... no, no... NO, please... oh, god... no no no NO NO NO..." and then it happens and you let out this primal scream of frustration and are tempted to hurl the book across the room. But instead you put the marker in, put it down, do something else for fifteen minutes, and then sit down to finish it.


Edit, later: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH again! It managed to make me want to hit things not once but twice. I'll be ranting about this book for days...! I need the second book! I need others to read this book so I can rant! I...aaaugh!
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