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FF Sparks (Casual)

Sysadmin Nightmares

So, I'm trying to set up snafu -- the replacement for foobar -- and RedHat 9 has given me headaches, as I've decided to dump FreeBSD.

Now, admittedly, part of the trouble might be that I'm trying to set up a very non-standard setup. I want to store all my user accounts in a MySQL database. I want e-mail tables stored in MySQL as well, so that I can add forwarding aliases, mailboxes /and/ users all in the SQL database. Then I intend to set up a web-tool so that my users can create secondary addresses and suchnot for themselves. I want the e-mail boxes -- normal accounts and otherwise -- to be accessible over IMAP and POP3, but I also want normal shell e-mail programs like PINE and ELM and suchnot to work on shell-account e-mail. I.e., normal accounts need to work with IMAP inherently and use their main password and suchnot.

I've got shell stuff working out of MySQL, using an NSS module and a PAM module. And anything that allows PAM password changing can change the MySQL password. I tried using Cyrus IMAPd, but I couldn't make SASLAUTHD work with PAM. Now I've been trying to use BINCIMAP, and got that working, but it wants to work with Maildir a'la qmail, which -- argh! -- pine won't do without modification, and it won't do POP3 anyway.

This is slowly driving me mad. Does anyone perhaps know what I was doing wrong with SASLAUTHD? If I can make Cyrus work, I might be better off... alternatively, does anyone have a good idea for a setup to do what I want?


A suggestion..

I'd advise looking at SquirrelMail. I settled on it after all the problems I had trying to get ANYTHING to work right on the OS.

It's pretty easy and plays nicely with Pine,
not to mention Shoreline.

As for the rest of that hell you mentioned, I'm not going to touch that with a 30 ft. howitzer.