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Sysadmin Nightmares

So, I'm trying to set up snafu -- the replacement for foobar -- and RedHat 9 has given me headaches, as I've decided to dump FreeBSD.

Now, admittedly, part of the trouble might be that I'm trying to set up a very non-standard setup. I want to store all my user accounts in a MySQL database. I want e-mail tables stored in MySQL as well, so that I can add forwarding aliases, mailboxes /and/ users all in the SQL database. Then I intend to set up a web-tool so that my users can create secondary addresses and suchnot for themselves. I want the e-mail boxes -- normal accounts and otherwise -- to be accessible over IMAP and POP3, but I also want normal shell e-mail programs like PINE and ELM and suchnot to work on shell-account e-mail. I.e., normal accounts need to work with IMAP inherently and use their main password and suchnot.

I've got shell stuff working out of MySQL, using an NSS module and a PAM module. And anything that allows PAM password changing can change the MySQL password. I tried using Cyrus IMAPd, but I couldn't make SASLAUTHD work with PAM. Now I've been trying to use BINCIMAP, and got that working, but it wants to work with Maildir a'la qmail, which -- argh! -- pine won't do without modification, and it won't do POP3 anyway.

This is slowly driving me mad. Does anyone perhaps know what I was doing wrong with SASLAUTHD? If I can make Cyrus work, I might be better off... alternatively, does anyone have a good idea for a setup to do what I want?
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