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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?


I... uhm. I got a call from Dan Crittenden, the mortgage guy, this morning.

I got approved.

First-stage only, there's still more to go through, but I got approved for a $450,000 mortgage. I have to put down $20,000, but that's way better than the $90,000 that Mike and Keith have been pushing for, and the payments are still lower, and I'm allowed to declare the $20,000 a gift -- meaning I can beg it off of mom from her inheritance, and it won't affect the approval. And the interest is 6.5% fixed.

I got approved.

...are these people INSANE?! o.O;


Oh, I don't intend to go 'wow' and rush into buying the house. Even Dan himself knows that. I still don't intend to be bullied into buying, though I like the house and neighborhood; I still don't think Keith's in touch with reality asking $450k for a house that still has single-pane leaded-glass windows!

But I'm still just sort of in shock that I got approved at all. $450k is an insane amount.
It is, I agree, and he's not, I also agree. ;b Wow. I agree!

I'm all in favour of stability, but this particular form just seems to have the potential to be a solid cement albatross.