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FF Sparks (Casual)

*twitch twitch*

I honestly can't figure out how I feel right now. Part of me is relieved that all the servers are back up, that I have contingency plans. That most of the data is back, though I lost the mailing lists. And yet part of me regrets it...because suddenly, I'm really actually bored.

I've spent over a week in such a high state of 'emergency sysadmin' mode, doing backups and preparing contingencies and keeping people posted and GM'ing (i.e. playing many NPCs in) light RP scenes for folks on the refugee site, etc. And now it's all done, and I'm left sitting around going 'I should be doing something! What should I be doing? I know there's something I should be doing!'

I don't /want/ to do any more work. I want to do something relaxing. But I can't even concentrate on my relaxing things, because I keep feeling SOMETHING is nagging at me, something needs to be done, something needs my attention. Part of it may be that I've not had a lot of sleep, but part of it is probably just because I've been running on full throttle with afterburners going for a week.

It leaves me just sort of going 'waaah'. I can't focus, because my mind now WANTS to multitask. It makes it hard to relax, which leaves me unsatisfied. It's a strange mental place to be. I'm too tired to focus, and yet too restless to sleep.


Plus side, I think the new server is set up, albeit with a bare minimum.



I know how I feel.
Oh, golly, that sounds ALL too familiar! Rush-rush-rush-stress-stress-stress, and then when it's over, you're like "Wait, did I leave the oven on?" sort of mode.
If it'll help, you can answer my stupid question. ;) I still can't connect to ASiT. riverdark.net 6543 resolves to 6543, is that incorrect now?
asit.riverdark.net, not riverdark.net

riverdark.net and asit.riverdark.net used to resolve to the same host; they no longer do. Just in case, the new IP is :)
I remember sharing that with you a few Thanksgivings ago under similar circumstances. I'd say find a place to channel all of that nervous energy. Like RDP. Or...game? ;)
Make Firan TM3.1p11 run happily on myth? =) Or tell me what I need to do to make that possible.
The flatfile/load-from-flatfile routines need to be rewritten, or at least looked at. David had said he'd look into it. As it stands right now, in order to restore from a flatfile, Firan under 3.1 still needs 700+ megs of RAM. Poor little myth just can't handle it. :(
Something fun like what?
Pirate Game! Whooooo!