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FF Sparks (Casual)


Sometimes, you find yourself suddenly missing someone you used to play in an RP group. Just recently, and I don't know why, I've really started to miss playing Amelia from Slayers.

There was something fun about just being so over-the-top and doing things like taking a grand leap up onto Gourry's head (hey, he was the tallest in the party!) and posing dramatically to say, "In the name of the crown of Saillune, and for the sake of justice-loving people across this world, I, Princess Amelia wil Tesla Saillune, will see your darkness forever expunged! ELMEKIA LANCE!!" (Of course, the recoil from the spell invariably knocked Amelia off Gourry's head and into something nearby.)

I've realized that I have two main styles of RP, and I need them in some mix to be happy; deeper, serious character development (which can also include darker/angstful stuff) and innocent over-the-top humor. Lately, I've had more of the first, and not enough of the second... since Amelia was one of my favorite over-the-top characters, perhaps that's why I've started to miss playing her. Perhaps this - mixes of RP styles and whatnot - is a good post for mu_rpers or ElectricSoup.net.


Hear hear. o.o

As someone else who played the little justice freak, I've got to second you on that. o.o

It's just hard - for me, at least - to go back into a pre-played character and try to see things with a fresh mind, though. I mean... what else can you do that's new? It's easier with comedic characters, granted. Maybe she'd be a good alt somewhere then? ^^

Re: Hear hear. o.o

'The little justice-freak' is an absolute blast to play but... I don't play on any anime games anymore. Plus, to be honest, I found anime RP much more enjoyable with a small group of folks who got together periodically.

Maybe I should just recruit you (Xelloss!) and Todd and a few others and try to put together another Slayers group!

Though honestly, I don't think it's playing Amelia that I'm craving so much as just some lighthearted no-responsibility RP... Amelia was just one of the most fun lighthearted over-the-top no-responsibility characters I've played. Plus, I got to mess up Gourry's hair by standing on his head! ;)

Re: Hear hear. o.o

Yui's cool, too! She's just not lighthearted over-the-top RP! :)