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Noderunner has not, apparently, come back up after the reboot. I guess I'll need David to tinker some tomorrow.

Worse, I realized the tarball got truncated, when I got disconnected due to a DSL outage here...the tarball had kept growing when I reconnected and looked at it, and I (incorrectly) assumed that it had finished the process (since we were near the end). I blithely blew away the /data partition, as a result...and the last few directories didn't get properly tarballed up. I am kicking myself right now, angrily. Because /tmp was read-only on the machine I was restoring, I couldn't run screen to preserve the process... but I should've run screen on myth, on the same net as foobar, and it wouldn't have lost connection. ARGH. Of course, there was no way to know if the tarball grabbed those last little bits or not once I'd lost that link.

The sucky part is that I think I may have lost all our mailing lists...and THAT'll hurt. However, I suppose on the other hand, if I have to rebuild the mailing lists by hand, we'll at least find out which lists are needed and used and trim down the users on them!

Other than that, I lost my perforce database, my testbed Jabber server, and the master domain records. I can rebuild the domain records, reinstall perforce -- luckily I have current source of everything -- and I didn't need the Jabber server anyway. Some of the user FTP directories got truncated, too, but I don't think anything critical was lost; most users don't use their FTP directory anyway.

All the home directories and websites came through fine, and as soon as I can get the damned machine BOOTING again, most folks should be okay. I'm tired. I'm going to get off the keys before I do anything else stupid.

On the plus side, with Firan back up, I have my PowerBook back as a laptop...
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