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FF Sparks (Casual)

Yet More Downtime

Yes, Noderunner/Riverdark is partially locked up again. No, I don't know why. As soon as I do, I'll post here. Some things that are running -- MUSHes and IRC and whatnot -- are still running. Things which spawn new processes (web, mail, ftp, ssh, etc.) don't seem to be running properly. There's not much I can do from here, since it would take me logging in -- which won't work because it spawns a new process -- to look at it. I'm sorry. Please don't IM me about it...I'll do everything I can, but I really don't know what's happened. I think somehow we must've overflowed the open files table...possibly due to a denial of service attack, I can't tell without being able to get to the logs and I can't get to the logs. :/

Edit: As soon as a MUSH tries to save off a database, it locks hard. So if that happens to the games on Noderunner, that's why. Little I can do. The refugee site is still up. I'm really, really sorry that I didn't have a chance to move ASiT and Twilight over before this happened... :(


:-( Sure you're working as best you can to bring it back up. Keep us updated.

Don't worry!

Don't worry about it! You're doing your best! Just try to get better from your illness first!


There is only so much you can do Sparks, let it go, get some rest and get over the flu, people come before machines. Plus anyways its Labour Bay weekend, people are camping at burning man or spending time with family or something. Or should be. I know I wish I was, but they are many many kilometres away... like three thousand. Chin up, accept you can't do everything, and hope for some nice luck.