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Healthy servers, sick Sparks

I hate this flu thing; my fever's up around 99.8 or so. Ice water tastes so good right now, though. Brent's in bed after having not slept at all last night, while Jen's down at her parents' house until Monday, doing family-stuff for Labor Day weekend. So it's just me and my fever and flu tonight.

Anyway, in brighter news...Noderunner/Riverdark is back up, and I'm setting up some redundancy. Various services are either being moved to glitch (the server in my basement here in Seattle) or are being duplicated there. Hopefully that'll keep everything running more smoothly. I even figured out a way to get Firan back online, though for the moment it costs me my Powerbook; poor pixel is sitting on a shelf pretending to be a server right now rather than a laptop. Though it's kind of funny that pixel's got more oomph and power than most of the servers I have access to. Definitely something to be said for the PowerPC architecture. :)

On top of which, I've pretty much cleared out all the errors in my portion of Trillian Pro 2.0... really tore through them on Friday, and am ready for the next prerelease build.

I think I sleep now, or something. Mrph.
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