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FF Sparks (Casual)


Whee. Fever. Definitely caught the flu.

Hopefully I'll be able to muster the energy for both finishing up a build for work tomorrow and getting the servers back up and everything checked and restarted. Then I think maybe I'll just retire to bed and read or sleep for the weekend and get well.

On the plus side, the candidate I prefer and support for the presidential election -- Howard Dean -- is doing surprisingly well in recent polls, considering his campaign is almost entirely grassroots and run via blogs, e-mail and other Internet technologies. (And yes, I've taken flak from people for being a Dean supporter, but I make no apologies for stating my political leanings here in my journal.) It would be neat to see someone in the White House who wants to make there be universal health care for Americans, and who has a definite focus on education in his agenda.


I'm down with ABB. (Yeah, you know me!)
I admit I'm actually a little surprised that you're not a Deanite; I would've thought that his platform was right in line with what you want. :)
Maybe so. I tend to agree with Dean's assessment of many of the Democratic candidates as 'Bush Lite.' Kerry's got some good stuff -- a lot of it being milder forms of the same things Dean wants -- but he's not impressed me as much when he speaks, for some reason. If Kerry ends up getting the nomination, I'll likely vote for him (unless we have some really stellar alternative), but given the choice, I'd prefer Dean. :)

I /do/ find it funny that the Kerry campaign has begun taking pages from Dean's, though -- using MeetUp to organize grassroots support, getting out campaign updates through a blog, and so on.
Just wondering, are there a kind of minor bit of lower abdominal aches and pains going with it?

I've been feeling what seems like a bit of a low grade fever myself today, but other than my belly being a bit cranky there's nothing else to report. It's nothing really debilitating yet, anyway.
Yeah. That was how it started. And it just got worse and worse and worse over the course of the past two days.
Ruh roh, Raggy.
Universal health care is a sore spot for me. My retired parents got bounced from their health plan when their HMO abruptly left the state, and had to scramble to find some sort of coverage. They ended up with AARP, but even so their monthly premiums and prescriptions take a good bite out of their income. It aggrieves me that they spent most of their lives contributing to society and faithfully paying their share of taxes, only to join the ranks of those forced to choose between medical care and other bills after they retire.

It's not limited to them, either. My son has not had health insurance for two years, because most of his jobs haven't offered it (they couldn't afford to do so) and he simply cannot afford the $285 monthly payments to COBRA. So far, he's been lucky and has avoided any major health issues, but he's walking on thin ice as it is. I was able to get his asthma inhaler prescription filled at drugstore.com for a good deal less that it would cost him at the local pharmacy, but if it changes from Abuterol to Advair, he's in trouble. Advair costs over $100 a pop, and he'd need it refilled monthly. Yet he'll only end up in the ER frequently without an inhaler - and that in itself costs over $500 per visit. Even if it's only a one-hour nebulizer treatment. It also means missing days from work, a detriment to both himself and his boss.

Our US health care system is really screwed up. If Howard Dean can straighten it out, I'm all for him. I hold an extremely dim view of presidents who will spend billions and send millions overseas while neglecting back home the very people who are funding those billions.
He's did a good job with health care in Vermont while he was governor. While he was in office, they instituted changes which now provides health care for 96% of the children in the state.

And he did it while taking the state from a deficit to a small surplus in the budget.
I knew we should've moved up to Brattleboro when we first got married, like we always talked about. :P
Universal healthcare, and subsidized education, are one of the major reasons I stick with Canada and don't go looking for jobs in the states. ;)
Well, hopefully we'll have better ones soon! ;)
*snug* Still trying to get over that myself, I know how you feel.

Now as for Dean...I can't say as I'm for Universal Health Care. But I hadn't heard anything about his stance on education...point me to a site about it?
You can read his stance on any given issues on his site at http://www.deanforamerica.com/ -- here is a shortcut to his stance on education, to save you time. He's given more details in his speeches -- there's a thing on Dean on C-SPAN this Sunday, which you might want to watch; they'll go over a bunch of his speeches, and Education and Health Care are two of his big ones.

Really, though, his record as governor of Vermont speaks for itself, as far as I'm concerned. In his time in office there, he's totally revamped Vermont's health care systems to the point that Vermont is held up as a shining example of How It Can Work, as well as bringing the state budget to a surplus while doing it. On top of which, Vermont's educational system is held up as a very good example of how things work right.

If he can do the same thing on a national scale, believe me, I'm all for him.
Also check out http://www.deanforamerica.com/site/PageServer?pagename=policy_record_education and http://www.deanforamerica.com/site/PageServer?pagename=policy_record_education_children for some of his record in Vermont.

It's worth noting that with his whole 'No Child Left Behind' thing, child abuse and child sexual abuse are down a HUGE percentage in Vermont, and it's had a significant impact on education as well. He's of the belief that a healthy home is important for a child to be able to focus and achieve their best at school, and that the way to provide a healthy home is not to penalize or chastise, but lend a helping hand and provide advice and services to help parents out.
I like Dean a lot, too, but I'm horrible at articulating why. The one time I tried, my brother teased me for opining that rural broadband was a damn good idea - like I only like him because he'll give me faster internet, or something. And like the internet is a non-issue.
It's quite annoying that I can't coherently speak my mind on political matters.