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FF Sparks (Casual)

o/` And oh, but I do fear for thee... o/`

It's odd how some things can be so sad, so melancholy... and yet somehow comforting.

When I was younger, I used to listen to my parents' Gordon Bok records, a folk-ballad singer from Nova Scotia. His true epic is 'Peter Kagan and the Wind', a 13-minute-long guitar ballad... melancholy and beautiful. Even though the song itself makes me feel a little melancholy even on its own, it comforts me a little bit. I can remember being curled up in my mother's lap, both of us under a blanket, with a fire in the fireplace... shivering because the heat ducts had frozen and the house was cold. And mom putting something on the record player to distract me... I remember hearing Peter Kagan and the Wind, curled up under that blanket. Hearing the wind making threats to Kagan ('You may be smarter, but I'm stronger... you watch!') and Kagan trying desperately to save himself from the storm ('Kagan takes the sail off the yard, and pulls it around him, saying Now you keep me warm. Wind says, He can't keep you warm... Wind snatches off north by northeast, saying I'll freeze you.')... and slowly freezing. ('Kagan says, Sail, I'm dying...keep me warm! Sail says, I'm sorry, Peter... I can't.')

And all the while, at home, his wife waits for him.

    o/` Kagan, Kagan, Kagan... bring the dory home! The wind and snow do follow thee, and oh, but I do fear for thee! o/`


Okay, waffle, no more melancholy songs for you late at night. You're making _me_ sniffly and you know I'm about as sentimental as a brick. Perk up already. It's Wednesday! :)
Ah, melancholy can be good for writing certain types of scenes in stories, and RP'ing certain scenes!

But yeah, I'll try not to inflict my moods on my poor, innocent, helpless roommate, though. :)