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Weekend Summary

Well, it's been a full-and-busy weekend. Late Friday night, midnight-ish, I went to pick up dpassmor at the airport. kieri and brent2005 came along, and we all stopped for Italian food on the way back. It was nice, it was fun, it ran a bit late. We got home and talked for a while, had a lot of fun, and then got to bed around, oh, 3:30 or 4am.

We woke up earlier than we should've (8:30, 9:00-ish) to take David out to breakfast at the Scarlet Tree, a really great local breakfast-and-brunch place. While there, we got a call both from David's girlfriend Claire, who had arrived at our house early, and from my father. My father's call was that he had realized he didn't have enough space in his car for the luggage that my grandmother, aunt Barbara, and step-grandfather were bringing with them and so could I meet him at the airport? I agreed I would. We drove David back to our house, saw him off with Claire, and then I had a couple hours to sit before I had to drive to the airport with my dad in my car. Their plane showed up early and we showed up a little late, and we got all the luggage in -- only afterwards realizing that indeed, it could have all been fit into dad's Echo with a little work -- and got everyone back to dad's house. Then I was supposed to meet them at 6:30 for dinner. (By this point, dealing with traffic and waiting and airports and stuff, it was 4pm.)

So I came home, figuring I'd nap or something, and get prettied up for dinner. Especially since my grandmother had just given me one of her childhood pins, an antique silver pin with five good-sized pearls on it, and I felt I needed to wear it. I go to take a shower and get out of the shower to discover that the realtor has called and people will be coming by to see the house in 15 minutes. Argh.

Get dressed nicely, Jen helped me braid my hair into some semblance of order, and then my folks all came by and I hopped in to go over to our friend Knut and Pat (short for Patricia)'s house. Pat is an amazing cook (and has the world's most amazing kitchen) and Knut likes to do meat. Dad had forgotten to tell Knut and Pat that I don't do red meat... dinner was ribs. Knut was cooking them in a Texas Smoker, and had started them a little too late and didn't have the temperature quite right. So Pat made a bunch of snacky-things and we all talked politics.

The ribs were ready at 10:15, so we ate then, along with a very nice salad. I ate some of the ribs to be polite, though I'm still sort of paying for it since my digestion doesn't do red meat all that well after having been raised vegan. We did have an amazingly good peach glazed cookie-thing for dessert, which Pat also made. Then everyone sat and talked until 12:30, until I fell half-asleep. (Keep in mind, not much sleep the night before.) At that point, things began to wrap up. Got home a bit after 1am, greeted Jen, did a few things online and then keeled over.

Got woken up this morning by the realtor calling to say folks would be seeing the house in about an hour. Maybe an hour-and-a-half. Possibly two. But maybe a little less than an hour. So I went and roused Jen, got washed up and dressed, and took the laptops off to Starbucks with her...we didn't really feel like dealing with people tromping through the house, and desperately needed a latte. Did some writing work for twilightfalling and whatnot, and then came home. Had a couple hours to sort of half-nap, before we set off for the Howard Dean rally.

The rally was supposedly at 5:30, we thought. So we got out there as fast as we could on the bus, and thought at 5:35 we'd be running a little late.


Turns out, the rally started at 6:30. We got treated to an hour of really bad hippy-like music which had been thrown together by some of the volunteers ("Now we're going to sing for you a song the South African people sang to keep their spirits up in the darkest days of Apartheid!") which were just pretentious and managed to alienate much of the audience. At 6:30, we began getting people talking, including the head of the Washington Democratic Party, and a UW political science professor emeritus who was /really/ good. And then finally at around 7:15, Howard Dean himself came out.

Gotta say, the man knows how to give a speech. He was almost as good as the UW professor. (Frankly, he should get Professor Locke as his speechwriter; if the man lectures half as well as he speeches, I'd consider going back and taking his course.) He spoke for a good half-hour, encouraging people to get involved in local politics, speaking on educational programs and economic stuff, and pushing for a public health care system, and so on. It was a good speech, even if I realize that due to political realities he probably can't keep nearly all the goals he spoke of.

Then we stumbled by McDonald's for Dippindots and caught the slow bus home. Got home a little while ago, and now we have a few hours of rest before it's probably time to sleep.

It was a busy weekend, but a good one. Even if my feet hurt from standing in that crowd for so long, and I think I could really use more sleep. :)
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