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My Brother Gets Discharged

So, my younger brother managed to get himself into a bit of trouble. It seems that he'd picked up an illegal AK-47 over in Iraq, to have a spare weapon. Apparently many of the men had done this... but as my brother was seeing combat situations, he got ahold of and decided to start taking steroids. So, the army offers this "come forward and own up to any regulations breaches, and you'll be granted amnesty."

Being more gullible even than me at times, my brother does this. Of course, the amnesty turned out to just be a ruse to get everyone to come forward. So, Michael found himself facing the option of going before a review and fighting it, and getting his record cleared... or being shipped home to serve time in a military brig before getting a discharge.

Many of the other soldiers caught in this fought it, got their records cleared and remained in Iraq. My brother, however, decided to say nothing in his defense. He's been shipped home and tossed in the brig. When he's released, he'll get a general discharge (not a dishonorable, but not the honorable discharge he was headed for). It'll be rough for a while for my sister-in-law while Michael's in the brig, but when he's out and is discharged, they'll be leaving Fayetteville and coming home.

My sister-in-law is evidently not sure whether to be relieved and happy -- she hates Fayetteville and is looking forward to coming home, and is very relieved that my brother got home safely and is not going to get shot at anymore -- or angry at Michael for being an idiot and having steroids. I'm more amused and relieved than anything else.

Of course, apparently the folks who got their records cleared and are staying in Iraq are going 'daaaamn, I really should've just taken the disciplinary discharge...'
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