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The Ice Cream of the Future

Well, we have someone coming by to see the house at 10:30am tomorrow (guuuuh), and Jen'll be at her little sister's 16th birthday. So we went out and ran around, and got a gift for her sister, and I picked up the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' soundtrack, then we stopped off for food. I think I'm almost decompressed from the last Trillian beta push, whew...!

We also got Dippindots for dessert, which is perhaps the oddest dessert I've ever had. The self-proclaimed 'Ice Cream of the Future,' they're all the pieces of various desserts frozen into little pellets, that melt back into the appropriate flavor/ingredient when you eat them. For instance, I had a banana split Dippindots; I had little frozen banana spheres, little frozen vanilla ice cream spheres, and little frozen whipped cream spheres.

And surprisingly, it was good. It was also the weirdest thing I've /ever/ eaten. Anyway, starting to settle in for the evening. Relaxing and settling in with the soundtrack to 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away) in the CD player, which is nice. I hadn't listened to it in far too long. Nice to just sit and relax for a bit, and not worry about Trillian code for a couple days before we dive in again on Monday. :)
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