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FF Sparks (Casual)

The Ice Cream of the Future

Well, we have someone coming by to see the house at 10:30am tomorrow (guuuuh), and Jen'll be at her little sister's 16th birthday. So we went out and ran around, and got a gift for her sister, and I picked up the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' soundtrack, then we stopped off for food. I think I'm almost decompressed from the last Trillian beta push, whew...!

We also got Dippindots for dessert, which is perhaps the oddest dessert I've ever had. The self-proclaimed 'Ice Cream of the Future,' they're all the pieces of various desserts frozen into little pellets, that melt back into the appropriate flavor/ingredient when you eat them. For instance, I had a banana split Dippindots; I had little frozen banana spheres, little frozen vanilla ice cream spheres, and little frozen whipped cream spheres.

And surprisingly, it was good. It was also the weirdest thing I've /ever/ eaten. Anyway, starting to settle in for the evening. Relaxing and settling in with the soundtrack to 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away) in the CD player, which is nice. I hadn't listened to it in far too long. Nice to just sit and relax for a bit, and not worry about Trillian code for a couple days before we dive in again on Monday. :)



Those things are absolutely nummy. We used to have a stand in our mall that sold them, my favorite was always the mint chocolate chip.. Just.. Yum. :)

You too shall become addicted. I promise. ;)
I think I already might be. Damned things.


I'm really interested to find out if there are any here. Though...it sounds interesting.

Now...could you tell me how you get your comments to look so good?

Re: Oooo

You have to use S2 styles. I think right now they're available only to paid users.
Have you tried a McGriddle yet? :)
No, because frankly, McGriddles scare me in some vague and undefinable way. :)
I reconized 千と千尋の紙隠し and read it as i normally would!! I've been in Japan too long :D kanji doesnt effect me :D

I should pick up a used copy of that soundtrack one day... but tomorow i'm going to go to the Morning Musume shop in Harajyuku!

Should be fun

I love dippindots! I had them in Colorado at a Rocky's game, years ago, and have loved them ever since! Yay for dots!