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Riverdark Project

So, in an effort to feel like I'm doing something useful outside of work, I've sort of started to revive work on the Riverdark Project over the past few weeks. I've decided to re-do a lot of the code in hardcode, and make it simply possible to override in softcode. I'm going to create an RDP plugin module for TinyMUSH 3.1, which will provide core functionality all RDP systems will use; other modules of RDP will be loaded by the RDP plugin module, rather than as standalone TinyMUSH 3.1 modules -- i.e., only 'rdp' will ever show up in the modules list in @version, but something like '@rdp/version' would show you all the version info and all the installed RDP modules.

I've begun to prototype RDP's module API and some of the core stuff -- I'm making RDTags into hardcode, as well as several other support systems I always use. Why am I posting about this? 'cause I'd love feedback from those who are at all familiar with the design I've been doing for RDP, as to what they'd like to see. I was initially considering making RDP require MySQL, and hardcoding it to use a SQL data store, but I'm not certain that's the best path, for instance.

Feedback? Ideas? Questions as to what the hell the Riverdark Project is? :)
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