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FF Sparks (Casual)

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadow


So, usually I go out to lunch with kieri in the latter half of the work-week. I park at her bookstore, we go out to lunch, and then I buy something to validate parking. Today we decided to browse the DVD section, having gotten back early, and Jen picked something at semi-random from the Anime section that had neat artwork on the cover. A series called Twelve Kingdoms: Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadow which I had never heard of, but which fulfilled our main criteria of 'involves people falling into another world' and had the added bonus of 'really beautiful cover art.'

So we decided we'd watch the first episode tonight, see if it was any good. Put in the disc this evening, started it up.

...and sat, utterly enthralled, through all five episodes.

Though I'm not nearly as into anime as I used to be, I've enjoyed a few series in the past few years. But this series... the art is amazingly beautiful, the music is haunting, and the magic of the world is strange, dark and complex, and yet somehow very intuitive. The psychology of the characters is darker and more realized than many 'fall through to another world' series, and the storyline is far darker.

And Jen and I are now eagerly awaiting volume two. Which isn't out until September 30. *cries* I am seriously considering buying the DVD in Japanese, untranslated, just so I know what happens next. Or the novels on which it's based. Unfortunately, Jen would kill me.

But this series is what Othernight should've been. I'm quite impressed, and it's making me sorely miss GM'ing a campaign, tossing my players into situations in a world they barely understand and watching them puzzle it out...

Is it bad that I really miss Othernight now?


I miss it too.
I'd be tempted to revive it, if I thought a certain young scion of House Laerith would be able to actually make RP sessions. ;P

Er...so, like I was saying, why don't you put the logs up again (including the wedding log, so I can finally send you Radu's vows to add to the log) and then maybe we can talk scheduling in a way that will suit you, me, and the Jens? Having a girlfriend is teaching me responsibility and stuff. :) I can keep appointments, I swear. :)