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Freda, Innocent

MacOS and Dinner

Well, I finally got the printer to work from the Mac box a couple days ago, with help from my friend who works at Apple. Was slightly painful! But now I can print from the laptop via my All-in-One off of the Windows box. Of course, my poor friend has found herself receiving bug reports from me about the various MacOS X programs included with my Powerbook. On the other hand, I e-mail them to her, and they get entered into the bug system, and probably fixed quickly... that's something I've never felt about Windows!

I've been tinkering with ObjectiveC. It's been so long since I had used it, I'd forgotten what a joy it can be at times. Cocoa is taking me longer to learn, but ObjectiveC is coming back to me quickly; it used to be my favorite programming language, and things like the 'autorelease' message make me remember why. My god, that's a godsend when it comes to memory management where you allocate memory in one function and use it in the calling function but nowhere else. I lust for such a function in Visual C++! :)

Other than that, I've been swamped with Trillian beta dev. Lots of bugs, but many of them have been cleared out. Still have stuff I want/need to finish before release, but I'm getting happier with where the Jabber medium is for a first release. There's still lots and lots and I want to do with it, but considering this is for Jabber the equivalent of what Trillian 0.60 was for AIM, I'm pretty pleased with it so far. Once this release is out, I'll start just adding functionality into Jabber and getting more and more features into it. Plus, some other stuff we have planned for the next release... whew! Maybe we can take a vacation after this release, though. :)

Went out to dinner tonight with my dad and my sister-in-law, Reiko. Reiko's in town briefly and returns to Fayetteville soon, so it was nice to see her. Reiko and her two sisters, Amy and Kiyo, were at dad's house, and I met them all there. Kiyo played with my laptop (and my cellular phone, and every other gadget I had with me), and then we all went out for Greek food. I got spinach pie, and we all got flaming cheese. The flaming cheese was a little over-dosed, though, and the resulting fireball was two stories high -- literally -- and prompted 'HopAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' rather than 'Hopa!' from the waiter, as well as prompting Amy and I to both leap back about a foot as the flames licked out at us. Still, despite the near-death experience, it was good cheese. And it was as fun as always to talk to Reiko, Amy and Kiyo. Kiyo had her usual dating horror stories -- this time the cute guy who she gave her number to who hasn't called her back ("It's like the Little Mermaid. When the sun goes down on the third day, all hope is lost...") -- and I lost my cellular phone to her a few times. Went back to their house to say hi to their parents and talk for a bit, and then I came home. It was nice.

Dad and I are going to go out and visit poor Reiko in Fayetteville with some vacation time later this year. With Michael in Iraq until January/February, she desperately wants some family/friends to visit her. ...erm, what /is/ there to do in Fayetteville, other than hang out with Reiko? :)


Fayetteville, NC? Well, if you're into it, check out JR's which is, if memory serves me right, off exit 97 of I-95. We always have to stop there on the way down to Florida to pick up an assortment of stuff... it's something like an Ocean Job Lot store (if you know what those are), but huge.

There is also, if you feel like driving south about an hour, the (in)famous South of the Border tourist trap. You can easily spend an entire day there. :)
Hello! If it's Fayetteville, NC, /I'm/ there! and Bek. What more do you need?
Oh! You're right. And yes, it is Fayetteville, NC -- my brother's unit is based out of Fort Bragg, so he and my sister-in-law live there. So I suppose if I were in town, I'd have to stop by and say hello! :)
Besides that, there's not much. Although, I went to a cool pool place last weekend. Broadstreet Billiards. I'm sure that your brother knows of more stuff too...
Fayetteville isn't the black hole that it seems, really!
Yeah...but my brother is currently in Baghdad, and not likely to be able to give much guidance to Fayetteville's social scene. And Reiko is so bored there with Michael gone that she keeps flying back to Seattle to hang out with her sisters and her in-laws. :)
'HopAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' rather than 'Hopa!' from the waiter

*Giggles madly* That would've been funny to hear. Hope you guys didn't get seared!
No, Amy and I were both fine, though startled. Kiyo thought it was funny, and Reiko and my dad were in some conversation of their own and didn't see the <echo>Giant Flaming Cheese Inferno of DOOM!</echo>, alas... but it was funny. :)
Well, I'm dual-platforming it (obviously, especially since Trillian is a Windows app!). And no, as far as I know it's not Aqua-inspired. It's one of the default S2 styles. I picked it up temporarily, because I'm going to start trying to create my own S2 style and wanted to familiarize myself with the journal. :)

That Weird Al song is pretty good. So good in fact, we flew him to eBay Live in Florida to sing it on stage for all the attendees. I heard he had a blast on eBay's dime. :) I love working for this company sometimes :)

-- ZC
Ha! I didn't realize you worked at eBay. :)
I worked for PayPal. PayPal got bought by eBay, so now I work for eBay. Though I'm now actually working at eBay headquarters, wearing an eBay badge along with my PayPal badge.

-- ZC