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Cute, FF Sparks (Girly)

"I'm Sorry My President Is An Idiot"

I want one of these. What scares me most of all is the forum quotes at the bottom of the page. Aiiiie!


Isn't it great? I -had- to share that link. I want one, too!
See, don't get me wrong. I love America, and I /do/ still believe we have it better than a lot of other countries, even if I admit I'm distressed by the erosion of our civil rights I've seen being pushed lately.

The article you quote is an excellent one, and I will share it around, but there's one point I disagree with -- the example of Iraq as a 'good foreign policy'. It's something I expect the writer might not have known -- you have to really go looking to still find references to it -- but keep in mind that we've been in Iraq like this, squashed it and put up a new government, once before. Iraq balked at America's oil interests, and suddenly they became a 'military threat'. We swept in, flattened them, and then reinstated a new America-friendly regime who would be sympathetic towards us.

One of the members of that regime was Saddam Hussein. And while the average American no longer seems to remember that we put him in power, many people in the international community do. And that, in large part, is why America looks exceedingly hypocritical and greedy in the eyes of the international community at the moment. :(

So I remain deeply skeptical that we're going to display a better track record on our Iraq involvement this time. I do believe the US has done some wonderful things internationally...I just don't think this involvement in Iraq is one. And I think that's a lot of why I resent that my younger brother is over there getting shot at.
I was going to post my real feelings, but a) it's not my journal, and b) much as I really liked that article, my comments on the President are still less than polite.

So I'll end up saying, instead, I love that shirt and I want one.
Kind of funny but but oh what a lovely way of showing how united we are to everyone else, stupid president or not.
Aside from the issue of veracity of the sentiment of the shirt, it can't possibly be American.

It's in more than one language. Everybody knows Americans only know English.

The beautiful thing about America is that we're free to wear that shirt.

Blind obedience isn't patriotic, but intelligent discourse, protest, and consensus is.

I, too, want one of those. :)