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Glare, Grouchy

Definite client suckage

Fooie. Still can't find a decent MacOS X MU* client. The lack of indent on Cantrip finally got to me. I didn't like Rapscallion's separated input and output windows. Savitar just didn't feel right. Maybe I'm too picky, but I'm on TinyFugue 5 at the moment. However, the lack of spawn windows is driving me batty...!

Other than that, I'm finding MacOS X a very friendly system. The default mail client is lovely, Xjournal is wonderful, Safari is a very clean browser... it's just that a MU* client is so much a part of my desktop environment that I need a good one. *grump* Perhaps I shall have to write one, after all...


Perhaps there's one that'll port easily from Unix?
I'd actually rather make one that works native to Aqua/Darwin. The UNIX nature of OS X is nice, but there's lots of advantages to a clean design that adheres to the Aqua UI Guidelines. Not the least of which is picking up interoperability with all the other Aqua services, and so on.
I was actually going to suggest TinyFugue, but I figured you'd already be on it by the time I did so. I so didn't remember there being any good MU* clients for OS X while I was on it. And also figured you'd be writing one yourself.

Though from what I understand, writing OS X apps with Aqua is supposedly a lot more fun, at least compared to pre-OS 9 apps.