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Freda, Innocent

Join the Dark Side...!

So, I now have an Apple PowerBook G4, 1Ghz with 1 gig of RAM, running MacOS X. I'm quite pleased with it, though it's taken a little getting used to after so long away from NeXTStep, which Aqua owes a lot to. The computer -- christened 'pixel' -- is a joy to use, though I'm immensely irritated at the lack of decent MU* clients for it; Savitar, I didn't like, and Cantrip is driving me nuts. Maybe I've just used SimpleMU for too long... :)

Pixel's much easier to use than poor dying Widget, though, and I'm pleased with it, even if it's still taking me a while to get everything sorted out and organized. I have to admit, some of the software for MacOS X -- while scarce -- really blows Windows stuff out of the water. XJournal, the LiveJournal client I'm presently using, makes Semagic and Lochjournal both look clunky and unfeatured. It feels much more natural and smooth than Semagic.

Of course, I don't mind that MacOS X has a UNIX/BSD underpinning, and I can wander around in tcsh and stuff. :)


I've heard nothing but good things about Rapscallion from Mac MU*ers. Alternatively, run TF ;)

-- ZC
Yeah, for real. OSX is built on a BSD kernel. Install TF. Step back to your roots, young jedi.
Wish I had time to write a port!
Sadly, I've started a design document for a MU* client a'la SimpleMU but adhering to the Aqua UI Design Guidelines. I had to refresh myself on ObjectiveC (that part, not so hard), and now I have to learn Cocoa (which is hard, 'cause even when I was doing NeXTStep stuff I never really learned the UI library).

If I actually do it... maybe if I finish the client, we can cooperate on stuff between the two. :)