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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

It came it came it came it came it came!

The UPS guy showed up. I opened the package. A Sony PS2 40 gigabyte hard drive, a list of recommendations for USB keyboards (doh! I sense a trip to Best Buy shortly!) and a happy PS2 disc case reading 'Final Fantasy XI: Fantasy Online' with a little 'Beta Version' banner. It has a hugely thick manual. It looks wonderful. I must finish my work so I can play this...!


Oh man... now I wish I'd signed up for that. ^_^; I hope you enjoy it!
Words cannot begin to describe how much I hate you. Well, not hate. But dammit, I'm jealous. Really jealous. Grrr. Grr grr. Snarl.

I love your picture! I bought that game just because of who it reminded me of!