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FF Sparks (Casual)

I loaned my car, my baby, to my father yesterday. The Volvo is acting up, so it's in the shop, and dad needed to go away somewhere -- via car -- for the rest of the week, and wasn't comfortable driving the Volvo when its engine is acting wonky. So I loaned him my beloved Beetle. I'm sure he'll be fine with it. But I've never been away from my baby this long before! I've loaned it to Jen overnight once or twice, but never loaned it to someone for most of a week before...!


Of course, at least I left Arrogant Worms and Fiction Plane in the CD changer for Dad. :)



Under the circumstances, make sure that he listens to 'Car Full of Pain'. I'm sure he'll appreciate the humor.

Song choices

Depending on the locale, Idiot Road might be a good choice too.

Some people should not be allowed near cars, let alone in 'em. :)
Plus, your dad drives like a maniac.

[doofus voice]
[/doofus voice]