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FF Sparks (Casual)

Query: Aberwyn

Okay. So, since I think the last few posts were unclear, being written while I was tired...

...who is interested in the Aberwyn campaign? I'd be running it as an online tabletop once a week or so, using the RDP testbed game...it'd be a little while before everything was set up, but I'm curious to know what sort of players I might have for my initial campaign. Any interested parties? :)


*plink* *rolls to a stop* Me!
I think I might like to give it a try. :)
It sounds kinda fun though I've not done much D&D or similar tabletop so I'm probably not the best tester-type.
I'd probably have timezone issues, otherwise I'd love to.
What she said.
I'm interested, although it would also depend on times and suchlike. :)
You know I'm interested as long as it's in my schedule. :)
I'm interested but would like to learn more about it if you're interested in having me.