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FF Sparks (Casual)


I just idly checked the calendar of a friend's journal, and discovered that since she got her journal in late April of this year, there has been only one day where she did not make an update, and on many days as she went along, has more than four entries -- up to 19 in one day, in some cases!

Being bored and stuck on hold during a work call, I figured out the average length of her posts over a month and multiplied it by the number of total entries, and realized she's written the equivalent of a Robert Jordan novel in her LiveJournal, in terms of sheer wordage...! And she said in her first entry she 'wasn't sure how often she'd update'!

I am officially impressed. I don't know that I've written that much sheer quantity over so few months in any given medium other than MU*ing in ages! :)