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FF Sparks (Casual)

Caffeine makes anything tolerable, even an alien space flu. Still, it's hard to focus on microchip tools design and planning out tasks for the next three months when you just want to crawl under the table and sleep.

Of course, I guess I came out better than some. Two co-workers are home with this flu, and at least two more are feeling like I am.

You know, it seems like travel between branch offices is a really great way of spreading flu and cold bugs from various areas. Not just vacation (which admittedly takes you further away), but I think my office must be one of the main disease infection vectors between Seattle, San Jose and San Diego. We have a lot of interoffice travel, including some people who live in one place but work primarily out of the other, or people who are in one office half the week and another the other half.

Maybe this is a good argument in favor of branch office independence. :)