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So, I played Xenosaga last night. Got quite a ways in, enjoying the game (though the combat system is not the best I've ever seen in an RPG), but there's something oddly familiar about the main character.

She's a redheaded female engineer, who seems to want everyone to get along and seems to try to get along with everyone else. Others seem to think she's pretty sharp, but she doesn't seem to think quite as much of herself as she even questions if she really deserves to be in the prestigious R&D division she's in. She's also very, very into her work to the point that she won't even stop working on something she's really into and leave her terminal, even when it might impact her health. She also is very apologetic to people -- when dying in combat, her last words are always some variation on 'I'm sorry' -- and kinda freaks out when she thinks she hasn't done well enough on something.

...does anyone know anyone like that?
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