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FF Sparks (Casual)

Did not sleep well last night, despite painkiller. Think I must've built up a resistance to it. I was only /required/ to be on crutches for a week, it's been a week, so I tried walking some without crutches yesterday...did wonders for my mentality, getting out of the house for lunch and dinner with kieri, wonderwombat and brent2005. Did not do wonders for my foot; it was fine earlier on, but now it hurts like blue bloody blazes again. Plus, when I finally did fall asleep, the painkiller kept me groggy and while I wasn't /asleep/, I couldn't focus enough to wake up. Guess tonight, no painkiller. Though at least the four of us are going to go see X2 tonight!

Dammit. I need a mocha. Or a Coke. Or something with a high caffeine content.

On the plus side, I am slowly getting back into RP. Looking forward to a little more on ASiT, and I have been stepping up my activities as red_witch in the Buffy LJ stuff. Though, kinda scared at the anonymous troll who haunted xander__harris and my journals, berating us vehemently for kicking Buffy out of the house, or the one who went on about how they were omniscient. Oh...kay. I mean, maybe I have little grounds to criticize after writing a journal in-character as Willow, but...uhm...

On the double-plus side, code for the next release of Trillian is coming along well. Jabber's in the debug stages, Scott's got yet another medium done, and I might finish a third (though it looks unlikely in time for release).

Looking forward to seeing user reaction when we get this thing out!


We're really glad to have you back.

True, the "troll" was a bit wacko, but I haven't heard fom them since. Willow and Xander were both easy targets for their wrath, I suppose. Luckily, most anons who have posted in Xander's journal have been really nice. Most of the stranger ones from when we all started have moved on to the newest "new" thing, whatever that is.

*sends well wishes for speedy foot-healing*