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FF Sparks (Casual)

musings from a chair

So, here I am in a chair in the living room. I am unable to sit at my computer for too long because of my foot. I can't carry anything while on crutches. I can't go to the store because I can't use my right foot so I can't drive.

And it's driving me crazy. Not to mention poor kieri and wonderwombat, who are alternating between being annoyed by me asking for things and being annoyed by me trying to do things without asking them.

I hate feeling helpless. It drives me up the wall, and makes me withdraw somewhat. It isn't helping that the pain in my foot keeps making me feel nauseous, which makes it harder to sleep.

So I sit in the living room with my foot up, watching TV and reading a book. The footrest-chair is the only place I can get comfortable.

This sucks. I know I am getting twitchy and driving my friends away. I know I am withdrawing as well.

I am sorry. :(


Oh, quit apologizing. You aren't driving anyone away.

Just quit trying to do everything for yourself. And quit wailing about how you want candy. That's about all.

You also need to make the mental adjustment and accept that the more you rest, the faster you heal, and the less time we have to spend waiting on you. So. Keep your damn foot up and get better so we can all feel better about life in general. :)
Yes, mother. :P

More seriously, I know I need to just sit in the living room, leave my foot up and wait for it to heal. But I'm not good at that. I hate sitting around and feeling like I'm neglecting various things I should be doing. I hate not having anything to do besides watch TV. I'm just twitchy and unhappy lately. :/
Find something you can do while in a chair. Get a lap tray. Use it to support your laptop. Or just use an old-fashioned pencil and paper. Sketch (you used to sketch, didn't you?). Write. Play games. I'd suggest needlepoint like some people do, but I can't see you wielding a needle except to stab something! :)
She hasn't been able to use her laptop much over the past few days because *coughcoughchokechoke* someone keeps insisting she needs the laptop to work on editing her novel. What a brat that someone is. (Okay, I plead guilty!)


Why not send that someone up to the computer Sparks can't use, and give the laptop to her? :)
Knew I shoulda brought my knitting. Oh well. Always next time. Or I could've taught you to sew or embroider, assuming you have any interest in such *coughchoke* ladylike pursuits.

You could make your own Slytherin scarf!

Take it easy

Having been there (in '96: six weeks in a cast because I ... uh ... sprained my ankle); sit down, lady. And put that foot up. The more you put weight on it now, the wonkier your ankle will be in the long run.

So when you're feeling itchy, just remind yourself that you can sit in the chair for a few weeks now or spend the rest of your life unable to hike long distances because your ankle is permanently screwed up. (And no, physiotherapy can't always fix it; tendons can only stretch so far, so the trick really is to get them to heal properly. And not, say, overlapping.)

That being said, I hope you do find ways to amuse yourself. my solution was to do a lot of reading. Oh. And write final exams. (I sprained my ankle less than a week before finals, and just before the last coding marathon. Oops.)
You don't annoy us when you ask for things. You annoy us when you a) ask for unreasonable things (like a certain type of candy found only in one place when there's plenty of sweet things in the house) or b) when you imply without asking for things (like, 'Oh, I should have gotten a Coke.). Other than that, we're good. Working on the communication thing and all. We're all only human. :)

However, judging from your restlessness, you really need to find something you can do sitting down. I could teach you to knit -- sort of. (I haven't knitted for years, and apparently, because my Dutch-born mom taught me how, I knit in some odd European style.) I recommend cross-stitch because it's easy to learn, occupies your hands, and is oddly relaxing. (Almost everyone in my family cross-stitches, including my brother. Seriously.) However, I'm not sure if I can really see you with a needle in hand. You might be dangerous!