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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, the doctors looked over the x-rays and changed the diagnosis. Originally they thought it was a fractured/broken ankle. After getting the x-rays back and looking at them, the answer is that it's 'the worst sprain I've seen in my career' and that it 'probably hurts more than a broken bone would.' I'm still supposed to keep weight off it for two weeks, and ace bandage it after a week (too swollen to do so right now).

Plus side, don't need a cast and I manage to keep my record of 'no broken bones' intact!

Down side, still in a lot of pain, still supposed to go get crutches to be on for two weeks, and the sprain's bad enough that the doc says it may require physical therapy.


You've likely been spraining it a little worse by walking on it this whole time. But it's a good thing that it's not broken! And crutches are better than a cast, definitely.

Any ideas how you managed to do it in the first place?
No cast is good, definitely! *hug*