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FF Sparks (Casual)

Well, my foot appears to be broken. I probably have to go back to the hospital tomorrow. Having had it prodded at by three doctors and then x-ray'd (with walking between it), I am now in a great deal of pain, and somewhat grouchy.


You realize, of course, most of the pain and aggrivation could have been avoided if you'd gone to the damn doctor in the first place?
We're talking Sparks here, remember? :)
I can't believe it was -broken-! You poor thing! :( I hope you feel better soon. Don't turn down pain meds so you can at least function better when you're home!
It's specifically the ankle, too. At least one doctor was surprised I was able to walk now, much less for the month preceding.
So what exactly did you break? No idea how?
Hope you feel better, hon! EEK!
May I suggest, politely, that next time you feel pain that doesn't go away, heed it quickly?

In the meantime, I'm glad you went, and glad that it's nothing more serious. A break isn't fun, but it could be so many things that are so much worse that I'm glad they aren't.