Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Book thoughts

So, my DSL is still down, and I finished my work-stuff. With my foot still sore I went to finally finish the trilogy I had been reading. I was actually left feeling quite satisfied, despite the unorthodox storytelling style.

The first book followed Durendal, from his time as a child up through his legendary career as one of the mystically-bound King's Blades. Including his clashes with the brat Princess Malinda. Iu the end, a tragedy befalls the land, but is eventually overcome.

The second book follows the prince, and later King, of a neighboring and enemy country during the same time, making clear Radgar's motives in what he did. But it ends with a particular pivotal point in the first book going very differently...

The third book follows Princess Malinda -- including her clashes with horrible Sir Durendal -- and also follows the course of the second book. After that one pivotal point, things quickly go bad. The realm is at war with others and itself. Factions and backstabbing become the order of the day. And just when all seems lost, Malinda contrives an impossible magic to send a thought back to that one, pivotal point...

It's nice because we see a "bad" timeline...and then a much, much worse one. And each book gives us a different view of the principal players in this political drama. Durendal seen in his own eyes -- just someone who tries to do what is right for the land, no hero -- and through the eyes of the other Blades -- who nearly deify him -- and through Malinda's -- who hates and distrusts him -- are very different. And all the principals are seen that way. There's a reason I love Dave Duncan's writing!
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