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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I am evidently an idiot.

Close to a month ago, my foot began to really, really hurt. I assumed it was just a sprain and tried to put it out of mind. Even when my foot began to swell a bit and I couldn't fit my shoe on properly without it binding, I didn't really think much of it. Sprains swell a bit too, after all.

And while it continued to hurt and the swelling remained (and did seem to get a bit worse), it (seemingly) stopped bothering me so constantly, though periodically reminded me that it hurt. I didn't think much of it -- just some minor injury -- since I was a little more absorbed both with work and with the fact that I'd ceased getting a good night's sleep at all. (For the record, I've not actually /slept/ more than about 3 or 4 hours a night for the past few weeks.) I found myself oddly disinclined to leave the house anymore, or to wander around cleaning up like I used to. And I found myself falling from a malaise (which had already affected me) into an actual depression. Oddly enough, while getting out and about was nice during this time, by the time I got home I was more drained and depressed than before I'd left.

So, tonight, Jen finally wants to take a look at my foot. It's noticeably swollen (Jen's words being 'like a grapefruit')...but when she applies a little pressure, it's this horrible shooting pain that makes me want to scream and forces me to grit my teeth. And suddenly I realize, wow, it really /has/ been hurting badly all this time, but I sort of tuned it out...just didn't let myself notice it consciously. Doubtless this continual pain is why I've been unable to sleep, and I imagine it's probably been draining me and leaving me depressed. It also explains why getting out and about (putting on a shoe and walking places) or being up-and-about too much has been draining. I've realized, looking back, that I've been manuevering myself whenever possible so that weight is off my right foot whenever I can, and avoiding stairwells and suchnot.

I'm going to try icing it and leaving it raised for the next few days. If that doesn't bring down the swelling, I'm going to go to a doctor. Right now, the ice is actually making it feel worse, since it's penetrating whatever little mental block I'd put in place; at the moment it hurts enough that I'm actually shaking. But it's also less stiff than it was, and moves a little more readily.

Hopefully whatever happened to it, it'll heal soon. In the meantime... ow?


Ok, if it's been a month, and your foot is still swollen, you have no business waiting. Go to a doctor NOW, it is NOT going to heal, and if you wait it could become life threatening. What if it's a symptom of a disease? What if it's a broken bone that's set wrong?

Go NOW. Do not wait. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go to the doctor NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.
Yeah, ditto.
Amen! Go now! Your body is not something to mess around with!!
Now! Silly! Now!
I'm in total agreement. Go to the doctor. Sounds like you might have a fracture, and you have probably made it worse than it was by walking on it, crazy person! In the meantime, alternate heat and ice - fifteen minutes on, fifteen minutes off. My aunt's a nurse and that's what she always tells me. I hope you feel better soon!
Yeah, man, get that taken care of! If it hasn't gone away by itself in a month, it's prolly not likely to in the next few days, either; I would think the swelling would be just a symptom of whatever it is that's really wrong.
Rach, take the advice of your friends (and me too and I'd have given you this advice weeks ago if I'd realized your foot was still hurting after a day or so). Go see the doctor now.
It's not that you're an idiot, you just haven't calibrated your ignore-it-and-it'll-go-away potentiometers correctly.