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Last night was big with the insomnia, but I called astalavista again to say hello. (Hey, 3am my time is about the right time to call someone in the hospital in Germany!) Glad she's recovering a little faster now, even though I'm sure she won't be home soon enough for her own tastes.

Heading down to kieri's house for Easter, along with brent2005. Mmm. There will be much yumming, with her grandfather's amazing cooking. Plus, I could probably stand to get off the computer for a while... I made a decision recently which I think was for the best, but which has me a little bummed out, and one of my online pastimes is losing its luster. Shame, too, since it's been the one I've been into for the longest.

The other one, however, I've gotten back into again. (As is likely noticeable to anyone who knows, since there are signs of certain distinctive phrasings in this post again.)
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