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Quote of the day, as Jen, Brent and I were driving back from dinner and Jen jokingly commented as we passed one area, "Look, prostitutes!" To which Brent replied, "Now, now. The politically correct term is 'undergrads.'"

Depressing news article of the day would be this NYT article about the detention of Mike Hawash (free registration for New York Times site required), and the site set up by family, friends and co-workers at Intel trying to urge the government to let him go free. Bleah.

For those not familiar with Mike Hawash, he's a fairly significant Intel engineer in advanced media stuff. The original Indeo CODEC which made so much early digital video really feasible was his work, and he's also had a hand in speech recognition research. Brilliant man; I've read his papers, and some of his work is practically required reading if you want to get into high-level multimedia work. He also has the misfortune to have been born in Nablus, in the West Bank Palestinian territory...and therefore, is being detained indefinitely as a 'material witness' without any particular explanation offered. Bleah.

And ye gods I should get more sleep tonight. I've been struck by insomnia the past few nights, and so getting up to code on stuff for Trillian's next release at ungodly hours. I've been productive and all, but the lack of sleep /is/ starting to take a toll...
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