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FF Sparks (Casual)

The World Spins Round...

Sometimes, it's hard to figure out whether it's a good week or a bad, whether you're happy or sad.

My great-aunt (like a second grandmother) died, but left a lot of money to the family. (I'd rather have her back!) Dad's going to take me to Europe sometime in the next year, he plans, to go do archaeology and see ruins in Greece and other places. Good, and bad.

Work has made great strides in some places, but the politics are stifling in others. Good, and bad.

I've been productive at work, but I'm left just emotionally and mentally drained when I get home right now. Good, and bad.

Even my normal refuge online, Firan, has erupted into chaos over some IC events. It's stirring up RP and the players are loving it, but also has had a few unfortunate effects including an increased workload for the staff. Good, and bad.

I just want to curl up with a mug of tea or hot chocolate on the couch and read or watch TV; my shoulders are as solid as bricks right now from tension, yet other situations at work are making me relax more. Alas, several more hours of work today... though if Ralph and I finish what we're working on, we will have finished 1.5 weeks of work in three days, which would be a nice accomplishment.


Plenty of work, plenty of work, but managable, I think. The IC situations always resolve themselves with time, even if there's that chicken-with-head-cut-off moment.

And if you want to curl up with a book and hot chocolate, do it! At least many of the times, at home, you can avoid the excess tension.
Oh, I'll probably be on Firan as usual tonight.

But I think I'm going to also enjoy some time finishing off the novel I'm reading and enjoying some hot chocolate and being all warm and cozy inside while it's grey and blechy and rainy outside.

Luckily, I don't have much political/clan stuff to deal with ICly. The poor sap who plays my character's sister is stuck with that task. :)