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FF Sparks (Casual)

To try and be a little more upbeat than some things lately, like the news that Iraq is executing POWs. (Worrying about my little brother again, especially with rumors of major fights upcoming...)

So, in the meantime, here's a pointless web-gizmo. Fight my food-eating battle monkey! :P

is a
Rock-Eating Rage Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 9.0

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat SeattleSparks, enter your name:


Just as a general FYI : so far, despite Blair and Bush's previous joint statement, there is no evidence that the Iraqis are in fact executing POWs. Blair's administration has taken a fairly major step back from that perspective. Mind you, I wouldn't put it past the Iraqis, but to date, it is not a confirmed fact, nothing more than a suspicion, which the Iraqis are heavily denying.


has more info on it. As typical, this isn't my opinion, just what I've found out so far; and CNN and the other major news services haven't been running anything yet online about execution of POWs, so I'd say that at present, it's still unconfirmed.
I'd say that it is /definitely/ still unconfirmed. I wouldn't worry about that.

Worrying about your brother is a different matter... worry, but keep in mind that he's there to do a job, and that realistically, of the huge amount of forces we have over there, very few have been injured, much less captured. I think he'll be fine. After all, you're awful good at what /you/ do... I'd imagine your brother is awfully good at what he does, too. :)

As for your battle monkey - DAMN, that beast is HUGE! No fair!
Random side note: I finally found a name that would beat your battle monkey, but it's not my character anymore. However, Sholana will beat SeattleSparks. :)
Not my character (nor has it ever been), but 'Zutiv' trumps every name I've entered yet. Including Sholana. :P
Wow, Zutiv really /does/ rock. His strength even extends to food-eating battle-monkeys!

Incidentally, I found it highly amusing that Firanos comes through as a brain-eating psycho-monkey. Go figger. ;)
Firanos still rocks! Take a look at Atredies vs. Draugik, it is *really* funny.


My first try beat Zutiv ;)

Try "Bobson".