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FF Sparks (Casual)

Cat trouble...

So, some weeks ago, the person who had taken in my cats when I could no longer keep them ended up moving. He could no longer keep the cats, and I paid to take them to a vet for their current shots so they could go into a boarding place (which, being the previous owner, I would also pay for). His original intent was that the cats would be boarded for six months and then he'd take them back; I'd need to pay the boarding, because he couldn't afford it. But the boarding place he'd found to put them for a while...it was cheaper than many, but when I went by to look at it, it was the sort of place I would never have consigned an animal to. So I left them with the vet for boarding, and continued to look for a new home for them. They posted for a home on the board, etc. I've asked around my parents' and roommate's workplaces and stuff...

Unfortunately, the vet can no longer keep them. They're fighting in their little sleepy area, they're unhappy, it's been three weeks -- the longest they'll keep cats anyway -- and on top of that, it's already cost me $700. I can't find a good affordable boarding place for them, I've not found a new home for them despite much looking, I can't bring them home (lease won't allow it, and Brent's violently allergic)...so it looks like I will have to take them to a Feline Rescue shelter as abandoned pets. I hate to do this...they were my little babies for six years. But I can't seem to find a home for them, and I can't afford to keep boarding them indefinitely -- $700 is already a fairly substantial sum -- and so I'm going to just have to bite the bullet and do that tomorrow.



I wish I were closer - I'd take them! But I don't think, somehow, that the cats would adapt well to Southern California conditions... or, for that matter, to our preexisting two cats. More the latter than the former, really.

I wonder, though; have you talked to people you know in other states? I'm thinking that, given the situation, it might be possible to transport the cats to someone in another state who /can/ have cats... and that could keep them out of a shelter. I know this is a last-ditch effort, and might be too late, but the idea just occurred to me.