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FF Sparks (Casual)


Took an hour and a half, but I wrote down all this stuff. Ran the idea past a friend, who was boggled by it and said 'Find a consultant! Better jump on this now before someone else gets a similar idea!' Sadly, I think they're right. This idea...it's astounding how fully-formed it came into my mind. It'd have to be a spare-time project at the moment -- I love my new job at Cerulean -- but I think I've /got/ to pursue this. It could really be a huge change in several things, if done right, and I think I'm going to have to start prototyping the hardware and system. Heck, if the prototype works, I could bring the other Cerulean folks in on it too. :)

Anyway, now I can go back to sleep. I'm just not sure I /can/ go back to sleep, what with having just spend an hour and a half going over this idea and not finding that it's /less/ feasible, but realizing ways to make it better and improve it. It just keeps clarifying itself in my mind; I already know I could do the hardware prototyping for about $600...


That's so cool. I want one! I hope you get that response once you get to that point. ;)
I want one!

What is it?
Hey, I never did hear back from you on what this was... if'n you found a better hardware geek, that's fine, I'd just like to know...