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FF Sparks (Casual)

Good day

Got a bunch of code done for work. Went to lunch with Jen at the Mongolian Grill place we like. My PS2 media software arrived, so now I can play my MP3s and videos off my computer on the PS2 on the television/stereo. Also got Lightwave 7.5 (3d animation time again! Woot!). Jen got free tickets to a preview showing of Bend it like Beckham, which was actually surprisingly one of the best movies I've seen in a very long while.

Good day. :)


See! Who -doesn't- love English Indian soccer teen angst movies? They rule.

There's an English Indian soccer teen angst movie?

Sounds like fun, actually. :)
It is! It was awesome. Girls playing soccer, Indian musicals, gorgeous Irish coaches, weird musical interludes, fun plotting and fun acting. :) Had a great time.
Bend it like beckham has only just come out other there? We've had it in England for ages, I think it's already out on video here.

S'good movie. Doesn't take itself too seriously and that coach....mmmmmm.


The Scottish/Irish (can't remember which) coach is fantastically...swoonable..those eyes! THOSE eyes! *swoon*