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Utterly unable to sleep. I'm worried about my little brother, over in the Middle East...

So many things seem so trivial in comparison to the reality that your baby brother -- the same idiot baby brother who broke both legs during paratrooper training and didn't tell anyone until after he graduated training, because he didn't want to seem like a complainer or impose on people...the same baby brother who got bitten by a brown recluse spider and didn't bother to tell anyone until a golf-ball-sized chunk of necrotic flesh had to be dug out of his leg -- is over there, carrying a gun, with the rest of the Airborne Rangers. That there are bombs being dropped and fire being exchanged where he is.

That someone might be shooting at my little brother before long.

That no matter what happens, he'll come back a changed person.

That maybe, if this drags on, he won't be coming back at all...

I can't sleep, and god I wish I could. I don't generally talk about religion at all, because while I have a strong faith it's a quiet one...but this time, it seems appropriate. Michael, wherever you are right now...both dad and my prayers are with you. I know Reiko's are too, and she's waiting for her husband to come back to her safely. And I'm sure mom, off in New York, also sends her thoughts your way. Even the Kumo-puppy misses you, too.

God see you home safe, little brother.
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