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Whee! Gardening!

I definitely got my exercise today! Weeded the front yard, tried to make our lawnmower work (it doesn't), helped dad try to take apart the lawnmower to see if it was something simple like the filter or the sparkplug (it wasn't), walked with dad back to my parents' house to get their lawnmower, played with the dog, walked the dog and the lawnmower back to my house (uphill!), would have mowed the lawn but dad got into it and mowed the back-yard for me, so I weeded, then played with the dog, then mowed the front lawn, then walked dog and lawnmower back to dad's place, played with the dog, and finally walked back home (uphill!)

And yesterday I cleaned the living room and kitchen; tomorrow, I'll tackle the dining room. :)


Now, I think I should go get food; I've not eaten anything yet today, and I'm kinda hungry/thirsty. But it's nice to get yardwork done, and get exercise!
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