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FF Sparks (Casual)

Last evening, and life in general

My babbling about the return of broadband now over with, I thought I'd bring people up to date on my life in general and on recent events.

So, I've been with Cerulean Studios for several weeks now. So far, I can honestly say that I love it. Sure, I sometimes end up with a headache from dealing with bits of code, but for the first time in a very long time, I am /really/ enthusiastic about what I work on. I wake up in the morning /eager/ to get to work on things, and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. It's an amazingly refreshing and revitalizing experience!

In somewhat more somber news, amezuki had to move out of his apartment, which meant he could no longer keep Kali and Nuku. I've got them boarded for the moment, and I've been going over on lunch breaks and weekends to visit them for little 30 minute periods; both I and the vets think this is helping them cope a lot more, since they know they'll see me and get cuddles and attention. Unfortunately, since brent2005 is violently allergic to cats and the landlord doesn't want cats in the house anyway, I can't take them back...so I'm looking around for a new home for them. tabbifli and technoshaman have posted about the cats, and I'm going to put out more feelers through the PCC community, and the vet has put up a notice in their offices as well. I hope I find them a good home soon, though...and I really do miss having a pet. :/

Today (well, I suppose now TECHNICALLY yesterday), Tuesday the 11th, was kieri's 24th birthday. I'd hoped to get her laptop repaired for her, but it turns out the motherboard would need to be replaced. Including labor, it would cost $1000, which is outrageously high for a ~400Mhz laptop. The guy at the store said it would be wiser just to go look for a used laptop in auctions or on eBay or something...ironically, that's how Jen got that laptop in the first place. But since the laptop couldn't be repaired, I offered Jen a consolation prize; $200 to spend on whatever she wanted. We have several new DVDs, Jen got a new optical mouse for her computer, and (Brent's gift to her) we have an espresso machine now. (Caffeine!) She'll use the last $50 on a pair of new shoes when we meet up for lunch tomorrow. Then we all went to dinner at Grady's, our favorite sports bar. (They have a chocolate brownie sundae which is literally to die for.) Then we came home and food-coma'd, and went to watch SG-1 until we noticed the DSL came up.

All in all, a good day. :)


YAY for happy jobness and DSL! :D

As soon as I can manage scrape nickels together, am going to upgrade my Trillian, which I wouldn't have done if it wasn't in support of your new employer. *SQUEEEEZE* Just another way of saying thanks for all the great stuff you do.

You take care o' you, mitten. Wish I could say send me the displaced kitties, would gladly take them in, but they might not travel well. :(
Can you hear me now?