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FF Sparks (Casual)

New job rocks. Very much enjoying it, liking the work, liking my co-workers, having a blast. I have not had this much job satisfaction in /ages/. Life is good. :)

On top of that...CONFIRMATION FOR DSL, FINALLY! On 03/03/2003, my DSL should be active. Then it's just a matter of reconfiguring the computers and getting everything set up and WE HAVE DSL AGAIN! Sweet blessed broadband, muahahaha... thank you, Speakeasy, who managed to do this in two and a half weeks when Earthlink couldn't even get the order /started/ within a month and a half!

The anticipation of broadband again was enough to finally kick me into catching up on my alter-ego journal friends and making a post there. Yay! :)

Now I sleep.


They're lucky to have you.
I'm glad your time came around. It's been too long in coming.


You truly deserve this!!


*insert all the usual and obligatory snickering about DSL here*



For the ig'nant among us, what is it that is snicker-worthy?