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End of an era...

So, today was my final day at Quicksilver. On Monday, I start work at Cerulean Studios. I'm very excited about this! But there are some melancholy moments nonetheless. I'll miss the gorgeous view in the mornings and at sunset from the 53rd floor of Key Tower -- and now, Quicksilver's moving up to the penthouse floor, so even nicer views. I'll miss my co-workers in the Seattle office, even though I'll keep in touch.

I won't miss the uncertainty, the feel of living in a Dilbert strip, or any of /that/ sort of stuff, though!

For most of the day I was able to forget that it was Valentine's Day, but then around lunch it became more obvious as many co-workers called around to order flowers or candy for their girlfriends. One even went off after lunch to buy her jewelry! That made me a little more glum about being single...

But I did get a Valentine's note from someone later, and I got home to find the new printer (veeeery nice) had arrived, and I rearranged my room and feel very content with with, and then a second short Valentine's note arrived from someone, and I'm going out to see Daredevil with kieri and brent2005 tonight. :)

So, life's good overall. :)
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