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<BlueFr0g> Atleast it isnt as bad as when GAIM crashed the otherday and decided to change my default system font to Klingon.
<Sparks> ...
<Sparks> Wow.
<Sparks> Did your start menu read 'N'ktaargh' or something? ;)
<BlueFr0g> Yes, in Klingon characters :D
<Sparks> LOL!
<BlueFr0g> I installed the font as a joke...
<BlueFr0g> I didnt think because it was 01Klingon that it would be chosen as the default when a font was missing or couldnt be found.
<Sparks> That's hysterical. :)
<BlueFr0g> No, what is hysterical is that someone stole my laptop when I lived in St. Louis. They took it to a computer store where I worked part-time to try and sell it. In the process of booting up the first time, they made the mistake of telling it to boot up in the localized version of Windows 98. The localized version was Hebrew.
<BlueFr0g> So they pull it out and boot it up and it comes up in full hebrew.
<BlueFr0g> This means the menus are on the right side of the screen, not the left.
<BlueFr0g> When you type the characters appear right to left.
<BlueFr0g> So, I am sitting at my desk at my fulltime job, pissed because someone broke my car window and stole my laptop out of my trunk at lunch.
<BlueFr0g> I get a call from the on duty tech asking me if I have ever seen Windows boot up with funky looking characters.
<BlueFr0g> Out of idle curiosity I asked what kind of laptop it was, he says a Toshiba and the funny characgers are etched in to the key caps.
<BlueFr0g> Needless to say we figured out it was my laptop.
* Sparks facepalms.
<Sparks> Dare I ask how the guy even tried to explain it?
<BlueFr0g> The irony is that I used my key to open the trunk, not the handle by the drivers side. So when I got there, they explained I was the weekend tech.
<BlueFr0g> I walked over to the laptop and in making small talk, asked him in Hebrew if this was his laptop. He looked at me like I had 5 heads.
<BlueFr0g> The police were in route. So I typed the password and it boots up and goes to the desktop
<Sparks> So, what happened, Dapy?
<BlueFr0g> Sparks, he tried to say he found it. They fingerprinted the tunk latch and it was his. They arrested him.
<BlueFr0g> I got my laptop back and had to pay for a new passenger window. :(
<Sparks> Doh on the window, but yay on the laptop. :)
<BlueFr0g> When I got Windows 2000 I had the interface set to bootup in Hebrew. :D Just for that purpose.
* Sparks laughs!
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