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FF Sparks (Casual)

Wow. Lots of stuff going on.

Good stuff:
  • Got to talk to my little brother for quite a bit last night, before he ships out to Iraq.
  • The new house still rocks.
  • I got a new monitor for my home office setup, a 19 inch TFT LCD flatscreen. Happy monitor!!
  • I start at Cerulean Studios on Monday, and am very much looking forward to it.
  • Because of the Cerulean job, that means Friday is my last day here at Quicksilver, also a good thing!
  • Trill2Go, an addon for Trillian which allows you to use Trillian from a wireless bidirectional text device (i.e. two-way pager, RIM unit (a.k.a. Blackberry), cellular phone), is working in a prototype stage and being used by testers!

Bad stuff:
  • My little brother is shipping out to Iraq today or tomorrow. This is my baby brother we're talking about. I know he's a damned good Airborne Ranger, but I'm still worried about him. :(
  • My DSL is STILL not installed, and Earthlink has frelled up the order AGAIN, and put a hold on it AGAIN, which means I have to wait and start over in the install queue AGAIN! If I cancel and go with something else, I'll have to pay $150 (on top of the $150 they charged for 'cancelling' at the old house to move to the new one, but which they will credit towards the new DSL if I install). But I'll tell you, Speakeasy business class SDSL is starting to sound REALLY REALLY NICE right now. Or even a cablemodem.

Le sigh. I want my broadband access back! Still, at least life is good overall!


You never had DSL at the new place, right? Ever? You paid with a credit card, right?

Right. Cancel the order, and tell the human (and her supervisor) that you will NOT accept the $150 cancel fee for something you never got, and that you WILL chargeback them if they try to collect, and that furthermore you're calling Clark Howard if they give you any trouble at all... Clark Howard is an Atlanta consumer advocate talk show host which even Equifax fears... and Earthlink is based in Atlanta. And then bring your money home to Speakeasy. I never had any problems with their DSL stuff (once they badgered Qworst into pulling the line into the right building).

In short, issue da smack-down.

And congrats on the new job!
I utterly and totally agree.

And if you're uncomfortable making the call, I'm betting there's an easy dozen of us who would cheerfully make it for you.


DSL Alternative

Or, you can just order some other form of high-speed access, then whenever Earthlink finally gets around to installing the DSL in your house and crediting you back the $150, cancel it right away. That way you only get hit with the one penalty... The non-confrontational (or wimpy, depending on your viewpoint) way out. Whatever you do, Good luck.