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Mystery Spammail Theater 3000...

    Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 00:23:22
    From: Girls@Internetpromotions.com
    To: sparks@noderunner.net
    Subject: How to Pick Up Girls

    • Do you want to know how to pick up all the beautiful girls you want?

Not really...

    • Do you want to know the most successful and up to date techniques for seducing women?

What, so I can avoid them?

    • Lastly, what are you missing out on by not knowing and applying these effective strategies?

Uh... hot lesbian love? Besides, even if I DID want to pick up 'beautiful girls', why would I believe people who have such obviously ineffective bulk-targeting strategies would have effective seduction and dating strategies?

    Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of How to Pick Up Girls 2000! today.
    Click Here Now

Do yourself a favor and learn to at least target your spam to a specific demographic! And... good lord, 'How to Pick Up Girls 2000!'?? What, are they going for last year's models? What about 'How to Pick Up Girls 2001!', or 'How To Pick Up Girls 2000 Service Pack 3'? When will they get 'How to Pick Up Girls XP!' published, anyway?

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