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So, to try and shake off the mood and thoughts inspired by the Columbia disaster, Jen, Brent and I went and got Kumo from my parents' house and took him to Marymoore Park to run and play. He was a happy dog, very tired but grinning and wagging his tail by the time we got him home. And the exercise was good for all of us.

Then I borrowed the wok from my parents and cooked a nice stir-fry. Chicken marinated in soy-garlic, a bit of vegetable oil, a bit of water-chestnut juice and some Yamasa...then stir-fried in additional oil and Yamasa, along with carrots, celery, broccoli and water chestnuts. Served with rice and some pot-stickers Jen made...it was very good. Yum! Good dinner. And we ate it at the dining room table like grown-ups, and did all the dishes.

I've noticed that between giving notice at Quicksilver and taking the job with Cerulean Studios, and getting into the new house and getting everything cleared out of the old house and turning in the keys, I feel a lot healthier overall. Like I have more energy to do things, and feel overall better about things. It's really nice. Even if I am mildly neurotic about leaving things out now, and keep picking up and clearing out stuff of the living room.

I'm going to be moving my desktop machine up to my room soon from the basement, along with my good desk chair, and getting an LCD flatscreen monitor. Then I'll turn the desk in my room (really unused) into a work-desk and use my room as my office for working on stuff since the Cerulean job will be telecommuting. My room has better light and better feng shui, for lack of a better term, and I think I'll be a lot more productive there. I'll probably need to get another computer for downstairs eventually, so that I feel more like I can go down there and also be with Jen and Brent when they're down there, but this'll be better for working. Yay, new job!
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