Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Weekend update!

So, Saturday, kieri, brent2005 and I went over to our old house and finished packing up the last little leftovers and hauled them to the new house. Also brought the new washer and dryer I had bought for there to our new house, and took the old ones from our new house to my parents' house. (And we hooked the hot/cold water up backwards on the washer, which is an entirely different matter...whups!) Then wonder_wombat showed up for the weekend -- she was in the area for her grandfather's birthday party as it is -- and her parents dropped her off at the old house. We took her back to the new house and generally chilled out for the evening.

On Sunday, Jen and Brent went down to Jen's grandparents' house for the Super Bowl -- tradition in her family is that the guys watch the game, while the girls watch the ads. I was invited, but stayed behind with FJ. Not long after Jen and Brent left, there was a power outage due to high wind. It only lasted maybe 10 minutes, but it really messed up all the clocks in the house...and also rebooted all the computers. Including Jen's. Because we didn't have Jen's password, we couldn't log onto her machine to get the dialup started (for some reason, the remote initialization under WinXP never works with the dialup on Jen's computer...it will trigger it dialing, but it never connects successfully). So we shrugged it off, and went to finish up at the house.

Between the two of us, we finished moving pretty much the last things from the old house to the new house, gathered up more trash and finished cleaning. Tex wasn't around, though all his stuff is still in his room...that needs to probably be sorted out very soon, since the house has to be cleared out by, oh, Friday...

During the cleaning, FJ and I took a break and went to the mall for lunch, and each picked up a DVD box; she got the two-CD deluxe edition of Pride and Prejudice to take home, while I got the first season boxed set of Jeeves and Wooster. We also picked up Jen a cellular phone power charger cable; her phone was out of batteries because she'd lost the charger, and didn't have enough to get one. Figured if we gave her a cable, she'd be able to charge her phone and thus leave it on for times like this to be reached. After cleaning, we came home and watched an episode of Jeeves and Wooster, then went out for Indian food.

Some hours later -- as we were just finishing up the first DVD of J&W -- Brent and Jen get home. And we discover, among other things, that they'd bought a cellular phone charging cable on their way down to her grandparents'. Doh. Ah, well. :)

In all, it was a good day. Got good Indian food, got the old house dealt with, and generally feel a lot better about stuff. Now I just need to get all my job-stuff dealt with...!
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